Fundamental Change

The entry below this is from my personal journal.  I had thought I was going to be looking into Scripture for encouragement on going into mission or James to follow our church series, but instead I opened to Hebrews and was floored by what I found:

Praise God for this hunger for the Word!  I had thought I’d be spending time in James to follow our church series, but after opening to Hebrews I am making new discoveries each day.

I am fascinated by the idea that Jesus died for my sins.  The more mechanics of salvation — not in the sense of what I must do, but in the sense of how reconciliation to God was obtained through Christ — that I read about, I am mindblown.

Jesus is our once-for-all high priest, He does not have to offer sacrifice more than once as under the old Levitical law.  He is perfect and made a sacrifice once and absolutely — through this we are forgiven.  IT IS FINISHED.

Tonight what struck me so strongly was regarding the change in the priesthood described in Heb. 7:11-14  Verse twelve does not simply describe a change of the priest in terms of succession.  There is a fundamental change in the actual office of priesthood.  In science this would be called a “chemical change,” in that once the change has taken place it cannot be reversed.  It cannot be reversed.  AMEN.

This change, because of and through Christ shifts the office of the priesthood (of the Mosaic law) from the tribe of Levi to the tribe of Judah, a tribe of whom there is no mention of a priesthood via Moses.

Specifically, the role of priest in this new office fell to the Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ.

As the author writes in Hebrews 7:12:
“For when there is a change in the priesthood, there is necessarily a change in the law as well.”

This new law, from the change that cannot be reversed is not a set of rules and regulations that cannot be met by annual and repetitive sacrifice.  It is the Gospel, the redemption of man, the reconciliation of man to God, the restoration of the creation to the Creator, and the forgiveness of sins.  Yes!  Amen!


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