Much ado about something

There has been quite a bit going on in life, the biggest change being geographic.

My beautiful wife and I , with the assistance of her parents packed up all of our things and drove from Denver, Colorado to North Carolina.  Our two dogs were very happy to get out of the back of the (covered) pick-up and run through the acres of grass.  I was happy to not sit on a bench seat any longer, and Callie was overjoyed to see her ankles not swollen from the drive.  Winners all around!

A bit of backstory is necessary, albeit truncated from a version you might hear if you talk to me in person.  When Callie and I arrived in Colorado, we had every intention of staying for many years.  Not two weeks after getting to Denver we found out Callie was pregnant — an incredible blessing, one that I am convinced is a result of being obedient.

Callie and I realized the missionary aspect of our lives had not been a prevalent reason for moving, and had taken a spot on the back burner.  That had to change.  We began praying, seeking that which broke our hearts, knowing that would be a great starting point for where we should go.  After taking a look at my wife’s Facebook feed, we came to realize how grieved we felt seeing all of the women having children without a man to whom they were married for support and leadership.  We had been hoping for many years that a church would be able to reach this community with the grace and revelation of the Holy Spirit and the Gospel.  As I was about to put my head on my pillow that night it was still on my mind.  The words “Why don’t you do it?” came into my mind, and changed everything moving forward.

Having already attended an Acts 29 church in Denver (New City), we landed on the Plant NC homepage and got connected.  Immediately we were welcomed and put in contact with people who felt equally as strongly as we do about the power of the grace of Jesus to renew lives.

This Sunday will be the start of this new journey with Celebration Church.  I cannot wait.

Let the church GROW!


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