The week in review.

You’ll have to bear with me, I am still doing my best to work out what type of format I’d like to take moving forward.  I do enjoy a good rundown, so here’s mine:
Beautiful Eulogy – “Beautiful Eulogy
I’ve been listening to this album since their album was released in 2012, but you’d still be hard pressed to find a clearer presentation of the Gospel in hip-hop than Beautiful Eulogy, namely in the song bearing the name of the group.  
My favorite line: “How sweet the Gospel sounds to ears like mine, well acquainted with pain and strained relationships.”

From The Aquila Report, an article entitled

My Story: From Reformed Worship to Anglicanism and Back Again

My wife and I recently transitioned from an Acts 29 church to a PCA congregation, having been convicted of having our son baptized and the importance of liturgical, simple worship.  I do hope to write at length on the topic soon, but haven’t found the time.  Aside from the anecdotal side note, I found the above article to be illuminating and profitable to show how important corporate worship has been from the New Testament to the Reformation to today.
And now… another response to Rachel Held Evans…
Just kidding.
PS: I do have the ambition to write about my recent trip with my pastor to our presbytery meeting and a few other topics.  With a week off looming in the near future it just may happen!

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