Book Review – Jesus on Every Page

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This is the first book review I’ve ever done for a new book, and I could not have been given a better book.  Thanks to the graciousness of the publisher and Dr. David Murray, I received an advanced copy for review.  I tried my best to have the book finished by the end of August, but alas, I have to work during the week.  I’d like to personally thank them with this post for my copy.  It has been marked, highlighted, and tabbed throughout!

Jesus on Every Page centers on a forgotten art in many evangelical churches today — the preaching of Jesus in the Old Testament.  Dr. David Murray is a professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, but any saint new or old will be able to read this book with clarity and ease.  I would not hesitate to give this as a gift to a new believer or to someone expanding their understanding of the Christian faith.

Dr. Murray writes in such a way that the reader is built up as he learns rather than feeling guilty for not knowing something before.  It is very apparent that Dr. Murray cares deeply about believers understanding that the Scriptures do not just speak of Jesus from Matthew through Revelation, but from Genesis through Malachi as well.

My favorite sections were the chapters on typology and the final chapter on Psalms & Song of Solomon.  Particularly, the Song of Solomon section opened my eyes to a way of interpreting Scripture I had never heard of before, and many readers will likely agree with me.

Within the coming months I am preparing to enter seminary and this book was an excellent primer to get my mind thinking continually of Jesus as I read any book of Scripture.  I recommend this book fully to anyone.


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