Into His mother’s arms

On June 6, 1944, the Allied invasion began.  Boots hit the beach, bullets whizzed from all directions, and the enemy was being overthrown.

Christmas is our D-Day.  After centuries of darkness, the long-sought invasion of God finally came upon us.  The invasion was successful not because it was bold and brash, but because its coming was only hinted, shadows until its full revealing.  Rather than an inconspicuous beach in France, the Lord of Hosts chose an unnoticeable manger.  Instead of soldiers armed, a babe came forth into his mother’s arms.

The serpent hisses, for the heel had come to crush his head.

At Bethlehem, the crushing heel was born with ten fingers and ten toes.  Decisively and definitively, the war swung in our favor.  The Word was made flesh, Jesus Christ is born.


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