Who is the target demographic?

I know I’m late to this one, but I can’t help it.  I was scanning the shared photos/videos on my professor’s Twitter page when I came to it.

I’m not sure who the constituency is for this video.  

At the very least, the pastrix lobby may want to employ a new ad agency.  The best way to win over the Rome conservatives probably is not going to be through a dance hit frequently heard at gay bars.

Trust me, I was an advertising major.

No matter how you feel about women’s ordination, this will make you feel more strongly in that direction.  Boldened lyrics were my doing.

I had a dream as a girl
Like Therese of Lisieux
I need to give this whirl
So I can lead the way

Woman priest is my call
Women preaching for all
Don’t listen to St. Paul
‘Cuz I can lead the way

My ministry is growing
Excommunication? I’m still glowing.
M.Div, chasuble flowing
Where you think the Church is going?

Hey, I was baptized, and this is crazy,
But God just called me, so ordain a lady!
Justice doesn’t look right, with only male priests,
But God just called me, so ordain a lady!



One thought on “Who is the target demographic?

  1. Yikes indeed! If someone tells you not to listen to a writer of the Bible (here Paul and his teaching of women's place in the church), you should run the other way. Claiming the Bible to be fallible…I call heresy!


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