The church is not marketing herself to anyone

As a millennial who has benefited greatly from the wisdom and experience of the older, faithful believers in church, I love to see other millennials resisting the “cater to the young” church-growth tactic.
The church is not marketing herself to anyone.  She is not accountable to the powers and trends of this world.  She is accountable to her Husband and King, Jesus Christ.
We don’t go to church to hang out, although there certainly is grace in fellowship.  We go to worship a risen Lord, a mighty Savior.

But if anything is misunderstood here, it’s not hipsters. It’s the Church. The true Church will keep right on doing what she’s been doing for thousands of years–preaching the Gospel, teaching the faith, administering the Sacraments–whether you try to change things or not. She’ll do her forgiveness thing, and she’ll be good at it. 

And in the meantime, we’ll just be here . . . being silly. The variable is us. Will we ever stop fretting about change and numbers and youth and AGH! long enough to sit back in the pew, forget about what time brunch at the country club starts, and simply receive what God has to give? We ought to. We better. 

The Lord knows what He’s doing. The Church is His. He will safeguard it, guide it, and do with it as He sees fit. So let’s lay off all the unnecessary and silly little fixes, shall we? Instead, let’s go to the spa or Applebee’s, have ourselves a pedicure or a beer, and revel in what our Lord does well . . . because there’s a lot of it. 

All of it, really.
You coming?
A Concerned Millenial


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