Those Of Us Who are Actually Pro-Life

In any case, this is not even the central weakness of her article. In making the case for contraception, she fails to engage the central moral reasons that evangelicals and Roman Catholics have opposed the Obamacare mandate—that it requires them to participate in morally reprehensible behavior and runs roughshod over religious liberty. 

Evangelicals and Roman Catholics agree that many of the birth control technologies mandated by Obamacare can induce abortion. Evans denies that this is a legitimate concern for birth control pills. Then, astonishingly, she concedes that even with the pill, “There’s the very remote chance that fertilization will somehow manage to occur. In this case the zygote will probably fail to implant on the uterine wall.” Since she is not sure whether life begins at conception, it is not surprising that this possibility does not trouble her. But it is quite troubling to those of us who are actually pro-life.

– Equivocation and Contraception: A Response to Rachel Held Evans, by Denny Burk and Andrew Walker


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