Church Invite Through Presbyterian Proverbs

I spell Presbyterian with a capital “J-O-H-N-K-N-O-X.”  The link at the bottom only strengthens my stubborn spelling.
For anyone in the northwest corner of North Carolina, I’d like to extend an invitation to the church to whom I belong, Redeemer Yadkin Valley (PCA).  You will hear, see, taste, and sing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If further away, use the NAPARC Local Congregation Finder to find the closest church nearest you.
Those who already call a confessional Presbyterian and/or Reformed church home can attest to the proverbs below and the full list (see citation).

Grace walks softly.  Loud and flashy don’t awaken it and they seldom describe it. Mix simple worship, solid preaching and the sacraments – let grace appear in its own time and its own way. 

Catholic converts cleaveth unto the church but Evangelicals are a church unto themselves.  Former Catholics respect the church and its government while broad Evangelicals take years to “get it,” if they ever get it at all. 

A clearly preached gospel gives more hope than anything else you can say or do.

– from Presbyterian Proverbs


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