I am happy to be part of a movement.

The Lord created the church to be the means through which he grows his kingdom on earth.  Given that, I’d bet my Bible on it being the most successful means of doing so.

I am happy to be part of a movement. It’s called the Presbyterian Church in America. We have a rather detailed confession of faith called The Westminster Confession of Faith. We have a well thought through structure for polity, governance, dispute settling, instructions for public worship, etc. It’s called the Book of Church Order. We have a growing ministry to university students called Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). We have a church planting agency. We have a missions sending agency for North America (MNA) and the World (MTW). We produce curriculum for Christian education and discipleship (Great Commission Publications). We have a university and seminary. Not too shabby.  

Believe it or not, that was not a commercial for the PCA. Rather it was a means by which I might force a question: Why another movement? Why a movement without a proper confession of faith? Why a movement that would take time away from that to which I already belong? And most importantly, why a movement that is detached from oversight of a church? Why a movement that minimizes the ordinary means of grace which Jesus has entrusted to his church?

-Todd Pruitt; Movements and the Means of Grace

I’m happy to clarify and answer any questions in the comments. I reserve the right to delete and moderate as I see fit.


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