Everything is (not) fine.

From Cameron Cole at Rooted Ministry:

When we do not preach the Gospel, this is what we say: Everything is fine.  

We say that our problem with sin is not that severe; we can fix our problems with a little effort. We say that death is not a real thing; we can kick that can down the road. We say that the world is generally fine; it’s not in need of radical rescue. We say that our need for God’s redeeming love and power is not that great.  

Well, I have an offer for anyone who thinks “everything is fine,” given what I have witnessed in the last three months. I have a free plane ticket for you to tell my friends or me that everything is fine. Look my student’s parents in the eye and tell them that death is not real. Sit down with my addict friend and tell him just to try a little harder. Tell the wife of my friend with cancer that the things in the world are generally good. 

Any takers?

This why its imperative preaching goes deeper than “Jesus, man.”


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