Must he have been so radical?

Emphasis from yours truly.  An excellent diagnosis millennial (un)Protestantism.

The many millennial Christians I have had the pleasure to meet know this. In fact, many of them have left liberal or unmoored denominations in search not only of orthodoxy, but also orthopraxy. If there is any attitude among millennials the Church should be concerned about, it is not outright rejection of its doctrine as much as it is irrational apathy. Most young Christians I know will affirm the orthodox position on all teachings of sex and social issues, but they will part ways with other generations by not caring how those beliefs affect the broader culture or law of our societies. Rather than critique the old soldier outright, they merely question his enthusiasm. Must he have been so radical? Surely he could have protested another way.

— Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism


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