Who knew dessert was so oppressive?

From my lunch break to yours, before I snack on some cold pizza and a Pepsi One.  I know what you’re thinking.  Yes, I still drink Pepsi One — lest you accuse me of being too in touch.

Just a few rhetorical questions come to mind:

Where does this trajectory end?

When we can buy goods that have been “sustainably” raised by farmers trying to redeem the earth? What if they aren’t intentionally redemptive enough?  Are the farmers authentic? What if they aren’t complementarian?

(sidebar: What does sustainable even mean, and does it count if McDonald’s is already doing it?)

Must my conscience be tinged with guilt every time I take a bite of food whose origin is not known to me?

Would this not also apply to clothing, cars, housing, technology, etc.?

Jenkins almost certainly has good intentions with this article, but it is hard to see it as anything but neo-nomianism applied to food.

Is this Portlandia sketch what she has in mind?

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