I had a feeling about Carolla…

 As an on-again/off-again listener of the Kevin & Bean Show (thank you podcasting) for just over 15 years(!!) now, I always enjoy Carolla coming back on the show.  As you’ll read from him below, I expected him to be a standard liberal in the classical sense, but began to notice he stood out compared to the the (post-)modern Left.  I started thinking this guy might be more conservative than I thought.  And not because he’s waving the flag at the Republican National Convention, but because he’s just putting out common sense.

Putting out a book called “In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks” certainly helped the transition, if you can call it that.

Now hear this, from the Daily Caller:

“I always thought of myself as just a liberal guy,” Carolla said. But after working with and observing Dr. Drew Pinsky, Carolla says he started spreading what he thought was a simple, apolitical message.
“I just started saying, ‘focus on your family, take care of your kids,’” Carolla explained. “And then all of a sudden, I become Ted Nugent like overnight.”
“It’s a weird thing that this has become a conservative, right-wing issue,” he continued. “Take care of your G-d damn kids? Feed your kids? Educate your kids? These are radical right-wing ideas?”
Carolla also says he knows how to fix what ails America.
“I believe that we could fix this country and all that ails it in one second if everyone just literally internalized,” he said. “Don’t expect anybody, especially the government, to do anything for you.”

HT: Mollie Hemingway


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