The PCUSA – in its long migration from orthodox Christianity

This, combined with the [denomination]’s acceptance of legalized abortion — a racist, eugenic construct that has taken a horrific toll on minority communities — represent acts of evil. Would Christ traffic in the lies spread by jihadist death cults and shun the only Middle East democracy that protects the liberty of His followers?  

Tobin says, “Jews and all Christians and people of faith who truly care about peace should make it clear that so long as the Presbyterian Church USA is waging war on the Jews, they will treat it as a hate group masquerading as a community of faith.” 

Exactly so. The PCUSA – in its long migration from orthodox Christianity — is shaming itself and damaging the very name of the church. Will its fellow-travelers in the religious Left, those who pride themselves on opposing racism in all its forms, condemn this blatant hate? 

I’m not holding my breath.

– David French, The Shameful Racism of the Presbyterian Church (USA) 

In Support of Life

Today, January 22, 2014 is marker of Roe v. Wade’s passing in the Supreme Court.  I refuse to call it an anniversary, for there is nothing to celebrate.  Even so, a dark day need not be without some beautiful images in support of life:

The film below, “Babies Are Murdered Here,” (BAMH) certainly does not hold back any punches when taking a stance on abortion.  It’s perspective is not for the squishy, or shallow.  Most importantly, it preaches the Gospel to sinners.

One exceptional quote from the film is from RC Sproul, Jr. on the importance of the active involvement of the local church in the fight against abortion.  If you don’t have time to watch the whole film, I included the minute markers for the particular quote:

39:08 to 41:11 – “[It is]vitally important, critically important… that those who are actively involved in pro-life ministry, that they be under the authority of elders in a local church.  That they may be formally, recongnizably — that everybody knows it, every body agrees with it — that they be under the authority of local elders in a local church.  See what happens is: we get passionate about this issue, we band together with our friends who share this passion, we get disgusted with those in the church who are not excited, and we decide we’re too good to be a part of a church that isn’t as zealous about life as we are.  That’s pride, that’s folly.  That IS the path that leads to destruction.

At the 42:47 mark, a noticeable shift occurs, and it is one of the most moving transitions from Law into Gospel I’ve ever heard.  BAMH spends the first 42 and a half minutes preaching a hard hitting law, calling sinners to repent of their sin — and abortion is most certainly sinful, from the mother willfully killing the baby to the doctor performing the act.
When the shift occurs, a beautiful Gospel takes center stage for the remainder of the film.  Jesus Christ took on the full weight of our sin, that it would not be laid on those who call on Him for mercy in faith.  There is no one so bad that our gracious Lord cannot reconcile to Himself, through Jesus Christ.