But let us give it to our children

“We are fond of talking about ‘liberty’; but the way we end up actually talking of it is an attempt to avoid discussing what is ‘good.’ We are fond of talking about ‘progress’; that is a dodge to avoid discussing what is good. We are fond of talking about ‘education’; that is a dodge to avoid discussing what is good.  

The modern man says, ‘Let us leave all these arbitrary standards and embrace unadulterated liberty.’ This is, logically rendered, ‘Let us not decide what is good, but let it be considered good not to decide it.’ 

He says, ‘Away with your old moral standard; I am for progress.’ This, logically stated, means, ‘Let us not settle what is good; but let us settle whether we are getting more of it.’  

He says, ‘Neither in religion nor morality, my friend, lie the hopes of the race, but in education.’ This, clearly expressed, means, ‘We cannot decide what is good, but let us give it to our children.”

– G.K. Chesterton; “Heretics”

Week in closing.

I realize those (im)patiently waiting for my next post here are likely few in number, but in advance of a hopefully longer post tomorrow, here’s a few articles/blogs I read or I’ve read recently:

Michael Ruse at The Chronicle of Higher Education.  It’s always nice to read anything from anyone talking about religion & science without a cabeza in the caboose.

Michael Greiner on why we are all murderers after The Dark Knight Rises tragedy, parallel to my Penn State post last week.  Continue to pray for God’s love to be revealed during this tragedy.  There are a lot of opinions flying through the blogs, Facebook, & media.

Doug Wilson controversy.  The way post-modern moral relativists feel about Chik-Fil-A taking a stand on sexual ethic, Christians from both sides of Geneva seem to be taking their stand.  Personally, I think Pastor Wilson and Chik-Fil-A are some of the best in their respective fields and defend themselves well.  If I run for president some day I’m sure whatever amoeba I’m running against will try to use this post against me.  That was meant in a way to show my opponent is an invertebrate.

Addendum: As I was about to hit “Publish”, I noticed the post which started this particular kerfuffle has been taken down.

In other news, cell phone providers are going to start pooling data among family plans.  AT&T and Verizon are about to start synchronize swimming in Scrooge McDuck’s vault.  I pity the fool with a tiered data plan reading this between iMessage thumbings.

Justin Verlander is 11-5 after the win against the Chi-Sox tonight and the Tigers took three of four from Anaheim.

There are quite a few hyperlinks in this post.  Thank you for reading.