NT Wright on gay marriage.

“In the same way, there was a letter in the Times Literary Supplement just a few weeks ago saying that when we’re talking about assisted suicide, we shouldn’t actually use words like “suicide,” “killing,” and those sort of words because those imply that you shouldn’t do it. Whereas now our civilization is saying that maybe there are reasons for that. I find that sort of stuff chilling, the attempt to change an ideology within a culture by changing the language. 

Now, the word “marriage,” for thousands of years and cross-culturally has meant man and woman. Sometimes it’s been one man and more than one woman. Occasionally it’s been one woman and more than one man. There is polyandry as well as polygamy in some societies in some parts of history, but it’s always been male plus female. Simply to say that you can have a woman-plus-woman marriage or a man-plus-man marriage is radically to change that because of the givenness of maleness and femaleness. I would say that without any particular Christian presuppositions at all, just cross-culturally, that’s so.

First Things; emphasis mine

Long before farmer’s markets became popular

Rod Dreher on Sharia law in Portland:

In the Philadelphia area, you run into Amish folks at farmer’s markets, selling their produce. I was told by a local foodie that long before farmer’s markets became popular, the Amish were holding the line on locally-grown fresh food. According to this person, the reason the farmer’s market movement started so early and became so strong in Philly was because of the presence of the Amish from Lancaster County and elsewhere. People love them. You think the Amish are for gay marriage? You think the Amish hold properly progressive views on sex, gender roles, or anything else? Who the freak cares?! At the Baton Rouge farmer’s market, the best local milk comes from Mormon dairy farmers, and the best chicken comes from Muslim chicken farmers. You think they are pure enough for Portlandia? In my town, which is fairly conservative, some of the most beloved businesses are run by liberals, and employ gay people. Nobody cares. Nobody should care. You are a bad neighbor if you care, and not just a bad neighbor, but an asshole.

And so one more time it must be asked, Is the chicken local?

I don’t want to insult the Puritans

The problem is that our ascendant moral logic amounts to an imposition: affirm me or else. It used to be that tolerance meant granting to your intellectual, political, or religious opponents the right to be wrong (as you see the wrong). Now tolerance means the freedom, if not the obligation, to utterly shame those you deem intolerant. Ours is a supremely moralistic age. I would call it puritanical, except I don’t want to insult the Puritans.

– Kevin DeYoung; The Story That Writes Itself 

Not urban, liberal, or (in)tolerant

It is interesting that while Phil Robertson is being defended for his declared adherence to the biblical position on sex and marriage, his Luther-esque language has largely gone unquestioned.

Months ago, Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile of The Gospel Coalition did not escape scrutiny when he appealed to the gag reflex as a defense for the same biblical position as Robertson.

In the midst of the bashing of all things not urban, liberal or (in)tolerant, Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence gave a personal anecdote on Conan recently involving the hiding-and-finding of some anal sex toys in a hotel room.  Far from being considered coarse or too graphic, she is loved all the more.

Somehow we hit the sodomy jackpot and got both ends of the spectrum in the same news cycle.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing.