“If Jesus Were a Hipster, Emerging Post-Evangelical…” by John W. Frye, Jesus Creed

“Oh no, no,” Jesus demurred, “that is so wrong. No one owns G-d. G-d is not definable. G-d is the ineffable mystery; the wholly Other. All our language about G-d only conceals G-d; constructing propositions does not reveal G-d. We must let all that go. Even more, all we have received about G-d as true has been shaped by our alliances with power, skewed by our culture-bound lenses, and distorted by the limitations of words. Be suspicious, even skeptical, yeah, maybe even a little caustic. Yet, know that I AM emergent. I am come to speak truth to power. You must dismiss some of your received thinking.” Jesus paused, stared into the distance as he rubbed his chin, and then continued, “Let me unpack this for you. G-d is accessed communally, not individually, and however the community defines G-d that is true G-d for that particular tribe. There is no one true ‘G-d’ for all people.” 

The woman smiled, responding, “I am so hopeful because even in my societal marginalization and personal brokenness, I feel that I am more qualified than either the Samaritan or Jewish religious power-brokers to find G-d. I am an authentic seeker.” 

“Seekers are finders,” Jesus warmly replied and peacefully sighed. 

The woman paused a moment before she spoke. Quietly she confessed, “Did you know I am living with a man who is not my husband? I have had five husbands already. Yet, I will collaborate to form a loving community of multiple-husbanded women and there, in that context, encounter and define communally a loving G-d for us. Love covers a multitude of sins.” 

Jesus exuberantly responded, “Yes, yes! You are the messiah for your niche. Welcome to the wonder of liminal space where nothing is nailed down…except rebels from the Empire. Your loneliness gives you the moral authority and right to live with whomever and with as many people as you wish.” The woman smiled. 

Jesus’ cohort returned and shared double-shot, skinny mocha lattes with all, wondering among themselves what the two candles meant.

…but a person you can know.

When asked what he would write to his 14 year-old self, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby gives his response.

Dear Justin,You are rarely good at anything, a fact you know well and worry about. But don’t worry — it does not measure who you are. Keep on dreaming of great things, but learn to live in the present, so that you take steps to accomplish them. Above all, more important than anything, don’t wait until you are older to find out about Jesus Christ and his love for you. He is not just a name at Chapel, but a person you can know. Christmas is not a fairy story, but the compelling opening of the greatest drama in history, with you as one of millions of players. Life will often be tough, but you will find more love than you can imagine now.With my love to you, Justin

HT: Dr. Albert Mohler, @albertmohler

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Into His mother’s arms

On June 6, 1944, the Allied invasion began.  Boots hit the beach, bullets whizzed from all directions, and the enemy was being overthrown.

Christmas is our D-Day.  After centuries of darkness, the long-sought invasion of God finally came upon us.  The invasion was successful not because it was bold and brash, but because its coming was only hinted, shadows until its full revealing.  Rather than an inconspicuous beach in France, the Lord of Hosts chose an unnoticeable manger.  Instead of soldiers armed, a babe came forth into his mother’s arms.

The serpent hisses, for the heel had come to crush his head.

At Bethlehem, the crushing heel was born with ten fingers and ten toes.  Decisively and definitively, the war swung in our favor.  The Word was made flesh, Jesus Christ is born.