The logical consistency of Tim Lambesis

If only they all could be this consistent.  You can argue with someone who is consistent.

The publication noted that his wife, Meggan, had likewise divulged in divorce papers that Lambesis had become an atheist. Lambesis, in admitting his atheism, outlined that he turned away from Christianity as he majored in religious studies while attending college through a long distance program… 

…“The first time I cheated on my wife, my interpretation of morality was now convenient for me,” Lambesis explained. “I felt less guilty if I decided, “Well, marriage isn’t a real thing, because Christianity isn’t real. God isn’t real. Therefore, marriage is just a stupid piece of paper with the government.”

— Convicted Heavy Metal ‘Christian’ Singer Admits Being Atheist, Duped Fans to Sell Music

Tommy Ramone (1952-2014)

I think it was one of my first years of high school when I asked for and received “Leave Home” by the Ramones in my Christmas gifts that year.  Not a year has gone by since that I have not gone back to it.

You can continue to argue that the Beatles are the greatest rock band of all time, but you’d still be wrong.