North Carolina’s outlook

According to the BLS release, North Carolina’s employment-population ratio did not change by a statistically significant amount during 2013.) For the last six months of 2013, all that can be said with a high degree of confidence from the household-survey data is that the number of unemployed North Carolinians declined by about 65,000. During the same period, North Carolina employers added about 51,000 net new jobs, according to the broader payroll survey. 

Actually, that 51,000 new-jobs estimate is itself preliminary. Revised payroll numbers from BLS are expected in a couple of weeks. Please revise your political talking points accordingly.

– John Hood at The Federalist 

It was recently announced that Ruger will be opening a plant in North Carolina to take some pressure off the company’s other plants.  Assuming this pans out, this has potential to be a great thing for North Carolina.  With a healthy respect for hunting and the Second Amendment, Ruger should expect to see a nice bump in sales from shooters buying local.