More anti-chocolate chip cookie grouches

Pastor Matt Richard at Steadfast Lutherans has a great piece on Liquid Drano in chocolate-chip cookies, and why the people who refuse them are valuable to the purity of Christian doctrine.
He begins with a personal anecdote detailing how he thought a seminary professor was unloving because of the professor’s harsh critique of theological errors in Rick Warrens Purpose Driven Life.  Using the “we are all on the same team” approach, Pastor Matt did not come to see the professor’s brilliance until a youth conference where the main speaker baked chocolate-chip cookies with Liquid Drano in them.  It’s not as creepy as it sounds, read the article for the rest of the details.
In a Chestertonian way, Pastor Matt realizes the value of speaking out against false teaching, bringing in examples of Martin Luther and semi-Pelagianism.  False teaching in the church should be condemned not because the teachings are new, but precisely because they are old.  
Reacting harshly against someone critiquing false teaching misses the point completely.  Had Paul just “let it go,” we wouldn’t have Romans through Philemon.  If Twitter had been around, could you imagine the “Bro, your harsh words are being unhelpful. Be loving” replies Paul would’ve received after penning Galatians?
I’ll let Pastor Matt tie it all together:

Metaphorically speaking, my professor did enjoy chocolate chip cookies, but he hated Liquid Drano and he hated the adverse effects of the poison upon the church. Frankly, he loved me enough to disrupt my enjoyment of Liquid Drano cookies and he was courageous enough to criticize those who baked these corrupted cookies for me, even though these actions would earn him the stigma as being unloving, nitpicky, and an anti-cookie grouch.Honestly, I believe that what we need most in the church today is more anti-chocolate chip cookie grouches, for there are indeed a lot of individuals cooking up and distributing Liquid Drano cookies in our post-modern pluralistic context. Furthermore, I believe that it is truly dangerous and foolish when we rationalize in our minds that a little poison won’t hurt anyone and when we attempt to preserve tranquility within a community by applying ad hominem stigmas to those who are attempting to expose stealthy poison.

Preach the Word!

As an alumnus of THE San Diego State University, I keep tabs as best I can on their athletic programs from North Carolina.  It caught my attention that Adam Muema would be in the NFL combine.  I did not get to see him play much (if at all) before moving from San Diego, but his dominance in the bowl game this year gave me hope of another Aztec in the pros.

Instead, the nation was treated to headlines about how God told told Muema he would play for the Seattle Seahawks if he left the combine early.  He then disappeared for three days until reappearing today having spent the time in the Ft. Lauderdale airport.  Muema was still in the uniform he wore in the combine.

Muema has been open about his Christian faith, but it is hard to call this a good demonstration of the Gospel working in someone’s life.  Comments on some news articles have suggested a mental illness may be involved, and I would not rule it out.  However, Muema had to have heard preaching in support of direct, special revelation from God from somewhere first.

I hope he can receive some solid, biblical counseling from an older believer, and that Adam Muema will find himself in a Sola Scriptura affirming church.

God has revealed Himself in His Word, and Jesus states that whoever has seen Jesus has seen the Father (John 14:8-9).  In the opening to Hebrews, the author makes it explicitly clear that Jesus is the climax of revelation from God to which all Scripture attests.

It is imperative for preachers in pulpits to preach the supremacy of Jesus Christ in the life life of Christians, and the sufficiency of the revelation revealed in Scripture for all of faith and life.  All special revelation given in Scripture is binding on ALL Christians, coming from the very mouth of God.  With the death of the apostles, such revelation has now ceased and is fully contained within Scripture.  The Holy Spirit works in the faithful to enlighten believers to the truth contained within.

May our pulpits overflow with the fresh, pure water through the clear proclamation of Scripture by ministers to the church. As Paul declared, faith comes by hearing and hearing through the Word of Christ.